Website Rating System

Every site that submits download(s) to will get rated from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best score.
The downloads get listed depending on this rating.
The site rating increases if your site is.
o unique,
o clean,
o user-friendly,
o has quality downloads ...

The rating system:
* Staff initially rate sites while reviewing sites for acceptance.
* Staff base their decision generally on 1st impressions of site.
* Staff take several factors into consideration while rating:
o Advertising content.
o Site content.
o Site uniqueness - does it offer something other sites don't?
o Are there pop-ups/unders, ad/spyware, malware, hidden iframes?
o Site navigation, clean style, etc.

How does your site fall?
* 5 stars will be very hard to achieve.
* 4 stars will be hard to achieve.
* 3 stars is the average - if your site has this, you're doing fine.
* 2 stars is below average.
* 1 star is a very poor site.

Contact Us About Your Site Rating
You May Contact Us About Your Site's Rating Every 6 weeks,

More Rating Info
* Staff Will Not Always Rerate A Site Because You Ask For A Rerate.
* Rating's Will also Be Auto Checked,
* If Your Website Drops Down The Rating's Rank. You Will Be Auto Emailed Within 1 week.
With The Reason Why And How You Could Fix This.

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